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spotu pro user menual

Once you've successfully installed the SPOTU mobile application, begin by completing your membership registration and logging in.



Activating Your SPOTU Pro Device

Press and hold the central round button on the front of the device for 3 seconds.

This action will trigger a vibration, accompanied by LED lamp blinking and activation.


Registering Your SPOTU Pro Device

Refer to the device connection settings available within the SPOTU app for seamless device registration.



Attaching the Strap &
releasing the strap hook

Begin by securing the strap hook onto the fabric sensor hook situated on the side where the SPOTU logo is imprinted.

Once the strap hook is fastened, it remains securely in place.


Wear the device

Wear the device with a sufficiently elastic strap to prevent slippage. Ensure direct contact with the skin for accurate results. For optimal heart rate measurement, place it as close to the heart as possible.


Download spotu pro manual

If you want to learn how to use SPOTU Pro in detail, click the PDF button to download the manual.

Click to Download

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